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We Can’t Wait To Meet You!

If you’ve never tried CrossFit before, we know the courage it takes to step out of your comfort zone, the leap of faith it requires to introduce yourself to a new group of people, the uneasiness of being new at something. And we definitely know what it’s like to walk through the doors of a CrossFit for the first time.

Wherever you find yourself: nervous, excited, anxious, inspired, hopeful, etc., know that we will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and empowered from the very first day you arrive.

How CrossFit Bethany Works On You

We opened CrossFit Bethany on November 16, 2013 in a 6,000 square foot stand-alone facility located next to a beautiful Bethany baseball field. Since we opened, our commitment has been to create a space for people to develop themselves in a positive way, both physically and emotionally. They say to be successful in anything, surround yourself with successful people. We believe this is true in all areas of life, and also in fitness. Our workouts, our programming, and our coaching are all incredibly effective. But they only work if you participate. Being part of a healthy, motivated, supportive community of athletes makes a big difference in your long-term motivation. You will find that about two weeks in, the process begins to work on you. Within your first month, you’ll begin to experience physical victories and you’ll start craving more. Fellow members that you work out next to become friends of yours and another reason you look forward to class. The facility itself becomes a second home and a place you miss when you’re away. Naturally and gradually, a healthy lifestyle becomes your way of life.

Here’s What Makes CrossFit Bethany Unique.

We have the best coaches. CFB Co-Founder and Head Coach, Tim Smethurst, has been a personal trainer since 2006 and has been a CrossFit Coach since 2009. Coach Tim is the source of CFB’s CrossFit programming and leads our extensive in-house year-long coaching internship program. Whether you are interested in getting a good workout in and want to see steady physical results or you’re looking to train hard to compete in CrossFit competitions (or you are somewhere in between) we have the staff to get you there. Every one of our coaches has their individual style and coaching strengths but the foundation that Tim has set for the quality and standard of coaching at CFB is consistent.

Safety comes first. We take the long-term health and well-being of every CrossFit Bethany member very seriously. This is why we offer our On-Ramp Program, Personal Training, Mobility Classes, Yoga, and Massage so that every person at every ability level is given the attention they need to safely perform their best and meet their goals while taking care of their body for the long run.

We offer nutrition help. Our nutrition specialist, Emily, is available for one-on-one nutrition consultations. She creates personalized nutrition plans based on your individual needs and goals and can provide the support you need along the way. Nutrition can be tricky and when you get it right, can seriously accelerate your results.

Our community is stellar. Yes, we’re a bit biased but we do mean this wholeheartedly. We hear from members all the time that some of their closest friends are the ones they’ve made at CFB. It’s a funny thing but when you work out alongside someone and you support each other through tough moments, moments when you may want to give up, when you know it’s going to take something bigger than your normal thought process to get through a workout, you bond with each other. And you get to know each other in a different way than you would if you met in a different setting. Our community is diverse, our members are inclusive and we all really are there for each other. Plus, we have a heck of a lot of fun. Our holiday party, for one, involves a ton of dancing and even a school bus…

In addition to early morning, afternoon, and evening CrossFit classes, we offer many different programs and services including Bootcamp, CrossFit Kids, Youth Group Sports Training, Yoga, Massage, Personal Training, Olympic Lifting Classes, Mobility Classes, and Gymnastics Clinics. We sell all natural supplements, protein, and drinks. We also exclusively sell What’s Cookin’ paleo food. The bottom line is, we listen to our members and their needs and do our best to meet those needs with the high quality services, products and staff.

Meet Our Coaching Team

Tim Smethurst
Tim SmethurstCo-Founder & Head Coach
Crystal Smethurst
Crystal SmethurstCo-Founder & Manager
Alex MacDonald
Alex MacDonaldCo-Owner & Manager
Kyle Reese
Kyle ReeseFitness Coach
Kevin Smith
Kevin SmithFitness Coach
Gaby Gualpa
Gaby GualpaFitness Coach
Danny Baldino
Danny BaldinoFitness Coach
Novella Atkinson
Novella AtkinsonFitness Coach
Eric Brandom
Eric BrandomOlympic Lifting Coach
Jessica Angier
Jessica AngierCrossFit Kids Coach
Brian Gonsalves
Brian GonsalvesFitness Coach
Alicia Janicki
Alicia JanickiMassage Therapist
Bo O'Connor - Hall
Bo O'Connor - HallMobility Coach
Emily Morrison
Emily MorrisonNutrition Coach
Frankenstein Smethurst
Frankenstein SmethurstCFB Mascot


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