The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Open

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It’s time to talk about the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Opens!

Some of you know the “Opens” well and always participate. Some of you hate the Opens and never sign up.  And some of you are like “Open what?”

So, first off, the Reebok CrossFit Opens last for five weeks (2/22-3/26) and consist of 5 workouts. The Opens are designed to get everyone in the worldwide CrossFit Community, regardless of fitness level, to participate in the sport of fitness (CrossFit). So, yes, we want you to participate!

Here is the set-up, very simply. Anyone in our box can participate for a small $20.00 registration fee (this goes to Reebok, not CFB) by visiting the CrossFit Open website and clicking “sign up”

Sign Up For The 2018 CrossFit Open

Then, starting Thurs, 2/22 at 8pm ET and every Thurs night thereafter for 5 weeks, a WOD is announced live and two CrossFit athletes (usually CrossFit Games athletes) do the workout for all the world to watch – no pressure, right?! These workouts are not released ahead of time. If you registered for the Opens, you must then complete the announced WOD and enter your results in your CrossFit online profile (that you created when registering) by the following Monday at 8pm ET.

Across the world, people with the top scores from these weekly Opens workouts then qualify to compete at one of the many Regional CrossFit Competitions held across the world (we call these competitions “Regionals”). Then the top athletes from Regionals qualify for the Worldwide CrossFit Games (which is what you see on ESPN).

Now, chances are that you are not going to make it to Regionals…but, you never know, with commitment and training you have just as good a chance as anyone else. And, the Opens are a great way to see how you measure up against other athletes across the world! They are also a great way to track your progress as an athlete – they happen every year and every year one workout from the previous year is done again. So, you may do better next year but unless you track your progress, you’ll never know!

And now for the fun stuff…

Here’s what CFB has planned during these 5 weeks. The Open workouts will be programmed into all Friday CrossFit classes starting 2/22 (yes, both RX and Scaled).  After the 6:30pm class on Fridays, we will have what we call “Friday Night Lights”, which is a small “after party” for everyone who completed the workout, or came to cheer. It is potluck style so everyone bring something (drinks/food) to share. Everyone is invited to this – whether you did the WOD earlier that day or not at all!

The Opens are fun!  And they’re challenging!  And they’re a great way to make the community at CFB EVEN stronger!

We hope that you will all consider signing up and have fun with this. Challenge yourself. Let’s do this!

For more info & where you can watch the weekly live WOD announcement on Thursdays at 8pm ET –

Sign Up For The 2018 CrossFit Open
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