Our Promise to You

CrossFit will only be as good as the coaches that you engage with. We make it a priority is to to provide you with a challenging workout, teach new skills and provide continuing education, that does not lead to injury. CrossFit, like many forms of fitness, often fail because coaches do not authentically engage with athletes during the fitness journey. During class and in personal sessions, our focus is on you. Not our phones. Not outside influences. It’s about you.

Our Promise to You: To provide you with an opportunity to discover the best version of yourself at a pace you are comfortable with.

Beyond the Workouts

Since CrossFit blends the very best of several areas of fitness, it can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming. It’s no wonder that it’s often misunderstood. It was for me too, which often kept me away from trying it out. To help alleviate this, we make it a priority to ensure that the member experience expands well beyond the workout.

We incorporate continuing education as to the science and “why” behind every movement and every workout. It’s important that you understand why you are doing what you do. We believe transparency promotes trust, always.

Our Core Values

We recognize that fitness is often seen as a journey in which physical movement serves as the centerpiece. The fact is, our character and our mental mindset are truly what drive happiness and progression in life. Since life goes well beyond our physical accomplishments, we believe that the CrossFit Bethany athletes, coaches and staff should exhibit at specific core values. These are values, that when striven for, create an environment that allows us to discover the very best version of ourselves.

Curiosity. Every great idea, personal journey and development process starts with us being curious. Curious to learn something new. Try something different. Become something different. Once we become curious about something we know will lead to a more fulfilled life, it takes courage to act on it…

Courage. To show up and try something new, even when you feel vulnerable and know you can’t control the outcome. We promise that if you become curious and have the courage to try something new, it will lead to a personal journey that will change your life forever.

You may walk in our front doors by yourself, but you are never alone. We look forward to meeting you!

A Word From the Owner

I am often asked “why do you have such a strong passion and love for being an affiliate owner?” The answer to this hasn’t been an easy one to arrive at, but it’s a simple one to answer at this point in my life.

I am incredibly grateful to be in a position where I can provide a place for people to discover the very best version of themselves. It may be strange to say, but this rarely refers to a person’s physical performance. This is about breaking down the barriers that life has given us that has resulted in our authentic selves to be buried, even if just a little. For me, it was (and still is to a degree) my fight against depression.

6 years ago, CrossFit provided me an environment where challenges were present to me. I came in overweight, vulnerable and with very little physical strength. I decided that it was time to discover a version of myself that I knew existed beneath that crap that life dealt me. Little by little… it came. A push up. A pull up. A barbell in my hands (yes, just the barbell with no weights). It didn’t come easy and still doesn’t.

I can confidently say that now because I was (and still am) willing to be have the courage to try new things, show my authentic self, rely on the community, exercise humility and to remember to have fun… that I have reached a level of confidence that I never thought was possible. It took someone to believe in me from the start. CrossFit coaches do just that – they believe in you.

I believe in you.

Please stop in anytime, give me a call or drop me a note. I would love to meet you someday.

-Jay Dommel, Proud Owner & Member Advocate