Super Total 2018

Super Total 2018 CrossFit Bethany January 20th & 21st at CFB (members only) The Super Total 2018 is a chance to find your one rep max and test all five major lifts in a super friendly and competitive environment! ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE! Saturday, January [...]

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Booty Sculpt + Tone with Alicia

Booty Sculpt + Tone with Alicia Starting November 4th at 8am Beyond aesthetics, there are lots of reasons why it's important to have a strong and firm booty! Fact Bomb: Your booty (or gluteus maximus) is the largest muscle in your entire body by volume. The gluteus maximus, along with the other [...]

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BootCamp – Bring A Friend Save $50

Kickstart Your Fitness CrossFit BootCamp CrossFit Bethany Look, we get it. Sometimes finding the motivation to workout can be hard. So here’s what you do – find a buddy. Someone you really like. Someone who would call you out when you’re being a wuss and you don’t want to go [...]

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Find that Summer Six Pack | 6 Week Program

It's been a long time coming but we are so excited to finally announce our all new 6 week Core Program starting on July 8th.  Led by NYC Yoga and Pilates Instructer: Erika Banks - Alvarez Why is a strong core so important? Extensive core work will help produce toned abs, aka a 6 pack, but having [...]

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