Donate your Halloween candy to our troops!

Once again CrossFit Bethany has proudly partnered up with Operation Gratitude to deliver excess Halloween candy to our troops overseas!

Instead of stashing or trashing your treats, drop them off to CrossFit Bethany, 28 Munson Road, Bethany, CT  by end of day Monday, November 6th.

Get rid of that candy! I know it can be hard to part with sugar. Here’s some nutrition tips to comfort you through your candy relinquishment:

  • Sugar is highly addictive! Therefore, walking away from it can be mentally and physically difficult. After a day or two of your holiday splurge, decide to be done and focus on getting back on track with eating real food. First step, loitering candy must leave the house! When it is out of sight, it is out of mind.
  • How do you mitigate withdrawals? With healthy sources of dietary fat! Fat found in avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut products and even grass-fed or clarified butter is satiating. Grab a small handful of nuts or seeds with some fruit or even a spoonful of nut or seed butter to eat on an apple or banana.
  • You can also eat fat without a sweetened counterpart to detox your taste buds from desiring sugary foods. Though the sugar in fruit is natural, sometimes including this sweetness may increase your desire to reach for an artificial, processed and refined sugar.
  • If you struggle with trusting your will power, eliminate natural sugars for a few days, and consume fats in combination with cooked and raw veggies along with protein at every meal.
  • Eating well balanced meals comprised of healthy fats, protein and lots of vegetables will not only fill you up and reduce your sugar cravings but your blood sugar will be kept in check so no spikes and crashes in energy. When we crash, we are more apt to reach for a pick me up. Sustained energy throughout your day can be maintained by managing meal composition, not by eating sugar.

Make sure to enjoy your holiday! But then give that extra candy away!

Coach Emily

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

B.S. Exercise Science, Health Promotion & Recreation

Trick or treat, smell my feet

give CFB your Halloween treats 

if you don’t, I don’t care

But surely, you’ll have enough to share!

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