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Boot Camp Fitness Program

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If you are ready to kickstart your fitness, boost your metabolism and start seeing some real results in your body, then our CrossFit Bootcamp program is for you.

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What is CrossFit Bootcamp?

CrossFit Bootcamp is a four-week program that incorporates varying combinations of cardio and light weightlifting that increases in intensity as the program progresses. Each class includes a different workout that is programmed specifically to kick your fitness into high gear and get the results you want over time. Our Bootcamp program will have you using kettlebells, dumbbells, wall balls, rowing machines, jump ropes (and more) to increase your heart rate and keep your interest throughout each workout. This is the perfect program to get your body conditioned to then move on to CrossFit.

CrossFit Bootcamp classes are led by CFB’s experienced CrossFit Coaches who are always keen on keeping people safe while helping them achieve the results they want.

CrossFit Bootcamp Is For All Fitness Levels

Every Bootcamp class includes participants of all fitness levels. Our philosophy in Bootcamp class is the same as in our CrossFit classes…your level of intensity is up to you.

Included Perk in CrossFit Bootcamp Program

In this seminar, you will learn some tricks from our in-house expert on how to eat a healthy diet that fuels your body to perform at its best. Find out easy ways to switch out some of your biggest food addictions. Discover new, easy recipes for delicious meals that can make a huge difference in how you feel. Coach Emily is an incredible resource and loves to chat about food, supplements, nutrition, and your goals. Bring all your questions and take full advantage of this opportunity because how you eat will make a massive difference in your results out of the Bootcamp Program.

 The Difference Between CrossFit Bootcamp and CrossFit

Our Bootcamp program is a great way to get to know CrossFit Bethany and jump start your fitness without involving some of the more complex CrossFit movements. CrossFit Bootcamp focuses mostly on high intensity cardio and incorporates less weight lifting than our CrossFit program. Most Bootcamp participants choose to move on to our CrossFit program after their four week Bootcamp program is complete, which is encouraged. Some participants have also chosen to continue with Bootcamp. Either choice is absolutely acceptable and completely up to each participant.

Logistics and Details

The total cost for our four-week CrossFit Bootcamp program is $150 (this includes your nutrition seminar).

Classes are offered Monday through Friday from 5:45-6:30pm (please arrive 10 minutes early).

Class sizes typically vary between eight and sixteen participants of varying fitness levels.

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