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CrossFit Classes

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Our Fitness programs are designed for all ages and skill levels. From seasoned athletes to first time gym members, CrossFit Bethany is here to help you reach your goals. See all that CrossFit Bethany has to offer!

CrossFit Classes

Program Overview

CrossFit Bethany is dedicated to meeting the needs of everyone who walks through our doors. Knowing that not all athletes have the same skill set, we have adopted a programming method that allows us to meet the needs of everyone in a group setting through skill levels ranging from the Fitness Program for anyone newer to fitness or just looking for a good basic workout, to Performance Program for those interested in learning more advanced techniques and possibly competing. The beauty of CrossFit programming is that we have the capacity to have all levels of athletes working out simultaneously. Here is how the class structure works: All athletes (whether Fitness or Performance) begin the class together with the same or similar warm up and with the same cool down/stretch. In between for the main WOD (workout of the day) is where the practice differs and each athlete follows their own respective level. Following is a more in depth description of each of these programs.

Fitness Program

The Fitness Program is designed for members who are either just beginning CrossFit or the member who is just interested in basic overall fitness. This program is designed to build on an athlete’s fitness while working on imbalances or weaknesses without the pressure of heavy weights or advanced technique. In the Fitness program athletes will have the opportunity to work on proper form while building strength, burning fat and increasing cardiovascular capacity for overall health. Crossfit is an amazing program but because of the intensity levels, the Fitness program is a great place to start and build from while increasing your personal fitness and avoid injury and/or over training. Fitness level does not mean that your workouts will be easy, in fact a lot of times they may be more demanding. Fitness gives you options to be the best you are today as you grow as a CrossFitter.

Performance Program

The Performance Program is designed for the more seasoned CrossFitter. A member who is fluent in the basic techniques in Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and Endurance. An athlete who is ready to lift at prescribed weights and do pull-ups and other gymnastics movements without assistance. The focus of this workout is GPP (General Physical Preparedness). Each WOD (workout of the day) will test the athlete’s mental and physical limits. The Performance Program will help bring you to a higher level of fitness. If a CrossFit Competition is within your goals, this level will help prepare you for any competition.

Your First CrossFit Class Is On Us

Sign Up For A Free CrossFit Class!

Are you new to CrossFit and wondering what all the hype is about? Are you hesitant to sign up without trying it first or just unsure if CrossFit is for you?

Your first class with CrossFit Bethany is complimentary! Join us on a Wednesday, during any one of our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes to check us out and see what CrossFit is all about! Our classes are programmed for all ability levels so you will be in charge of your own pace and level of difficulty. We also give you an opportunity to meet our coaches, discuss the process of becoming a CrossFit athlete, and have all of your initial questions answered about the safety and design of a CrossFit workout.
For more information, call us at 203-584-9455 or stop in the box and watch a workout in action during any of our scheduled class times.

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