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Mobility Class

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Mobility Class

Program Overview

If you are a full-time athlete, a weekend warrior, a desk jockey, a student or full-time parent, chances are you have some dysfunctional movement patterns and underlying restrictions that at best, cause some occasional aches and at worst, bring your life and your workout to a grinding halt.

Mobility class is an hour dedicated to improving joint, muscular and soft tissue health to reduce chronic tightness, improve range of motion, minimize pain and maximize performance. There is an emphasis on key CrossFit positions including the squat, overhead shoulder flexion, front rack, hip hinge, etc.

Classes include a variety of techniques including self-massage, specific stretching, and mobilizations to achieve immediate improvement and efficiency in movement. Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Balls and the Roll Model Method are a huge component of class but everything in the gym can be repurposed as a mobility tool including bar bells, pull-up bands, kettle bells and boxes.

Benefits Of Mobility

Although an hour a week is an important step on the way to optimum performance and well-being, the real goal of Mobility is to teach you how to take care of your own body. Every BODY needs regular (daily) attention to aid recovery from and prepare you for your workouts. Class is a time and a place to learn tools, ask questions, test what works, make a few pain faces and have a lot of fun with your fellow box mates.

Mobility Class – Logistics

Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm

With Coach Bo O’Connor–Hall

Included with membership

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