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CFB’s Approach To Nutrition

We believe in a whole foods approach to nutrition. The Paleo diet is common for CrossFitters but is not for everyone. Eating paleo is a great way to make sure you’re eating real, whole, unprocessed foods, which we believe in. However, we recognize that when it comes to nutrition, everyone is a bit different, with different goals, allergies, tolerances, and vices. This is why we like the Fit Life Plan, a customized whole foods based nutrition plan to match your individual needs.

What is the Fit Life Plan

Though the food choices and formulas remain fixed, your personal Fit Life Plan is just that – yours and yours alone. This is not a cookie cutter prescription, though you will be eating similarly to other Fit Life Plan followers. We start with a whole foods based diet in which you eliminate eating processed foods (sugar laden and preservative containing), and eat moderate amounts of protein, more healthy fat, and less overall carbohydrates. From there, we encourage you to determine your version of the Paleo diet, even if the result is a quasi-Paleo diet, like the one CFB’s nutrition consultant, Emily, has named The Fit Life Plan. Don’t worry – Emily will help! This is your chance to make a conscious decision to make healthful/smart eating choices and escape the “norm” of the Standard American Diet.

Who Should be living the Fit Life?

The answer is, everyone! This is not a plan that solely suits athletes – it is customized to match your goals and lifestyle. The foundation of the plan encourages a lifestyle and a way of eating that supports short and long term health and individual body physique goals. Typical results of the Fit Life Plan include decreased body fat, weight loss, increased leanness, increased exercise performance and efficient exercise recovery. Participants also report experiencing better sleep, a sense of well-being, and increased energy. Just to reiterate, the goal is to change your mindset and relationship with food. This is not a short-term diet. This is a lifestyle change. Be the Part. Look the Part. It’s all Part of the Plan.

Choose the Plan for You

Fit Life Plan: Four Week Nutritional Coaching – $265

Begins with a 60-75 minute consultation which includes Emily’s explanation of your personalized nutrition plan (your macronutrient profile, eating schedule, and food/meal examples). This consultation will also include measurements (skinfold to determine BMI), photos, goal setting, and Emily’s personal vignettes and lifestyle hacks related to nutrition. You will decide on an official start date and schedule a 30 minute follow up 2 weeks from your Fit Life start date to address progress, tweak plan (if need be), and re-measure. And lastly, during your fourth week, you will meet with Emily again for measurements.

Commit to Fit Plan: Eight Week Nutritional Coaching – $499

Same as above, longer stint of accountability, with a 30 minute follow up 2 weeks from start date followed by 15 minute bi-weekly check-ins to re-measure and make adjustments to plan as needed.

Month to Month Coaching: On-going Support – $129

Continue receiving Emily’s coaching for a Fit Life! After choosing one of the above plans, this will cover you month to month. Emily will provide you with on-going support with 15 minute bi-weekly check-ins, new measurements, photos, and adjustments to your plan.

Each package includes Nutrition Tips and Tricks including how to:

  • read food labels
  • find and know wholesome food brands to buy
  • make cooking from scratch easy
  • plan grocery lists and meals ahead of time and meal prep
  • use “My Fitness Pal” (a great app for tracking nutrition)
  • find great recipes that support your plan

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