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CrossFit On Ramp Program

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Our Fitness programs are designed for all ages and skill levels. From seasoned athletes to first time gym members, CrossFit Bethany is here to help you reach your goals. See all that CrossFit Bethany has to offer!

New to CrossFit?

Our personalized OnRamp program is our way of welcoming new members and making sure you have everything you need to kick off your fitness journey with us in the most empowering way. Don’t worry – if the thought of getting started makes you nervous, we totally get it. We know that it takes courage to try something new and we’ve all been there. We always say, “the hardest part is walking in the door”. And we promise this will be true for you too.

 What is OnRamp?

OnRamp consists of four one-on-one personal training sessions with a certified CrossFit Bethany Coach. In this program, you will learn all the foundational CrossFit movements in individualized detail. Your Coach will introduce you to CrossFit weight lifting movements, how to do them safely, and how to work towards achieving perfect form. You will explore exercise modifications and decide together where you may need to modify movements in any given CrossFit workout. You will learn about the different types of CrossFit workouts, how our programming works, and why it is so effective. Your Coach will have a conversation with you about your personal goals and discuss an achievement strategy for actually reaching them. And, you will start to get to know the CrossFit lingo (and what all those acronyms mean!), learn your way around the gym, be introduced to some of our members, and find out how to stay informed of CFB events and announcements. Your OnRamp Coach’s mission is to ensure that you are comfortable at CFB and successful in our foundational movements so that you are able to integrate into our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes safely and with confidence. You should also know that your OnRamp sessions are not just instruction-filled. You will definitely get a great workout in as well so bring water, wear comfortable workout clothes and plan to break a sweat!

 Logistics and Details

The total cost for our OnRamp program is $150.

Sessions are one-hour long and are offered at morning and evening appointments. Each session is scheduled with a Coach that can best help you reach your goals and work within your schedule. Our Coaches are trained to work with people of all ability levels so don’t worry, we’ll match you up with the perfect Coach for you. Typically, all four sessions are completed within two weeks depending on your availability. Once you have completed all four sessions of your OnRamp program, your Coach will work with you to get you signed up for the monthly CrossFit Bethany membership of your choice. And then the most powerful thing happens – then you begin your journey toward a healthy and fit future of your creation.

Your First Class Is On Us

Sign Up For A Free Class!

Are you new to CrossFit and wondering what all the hype is about? Are you hesitant to sign up without trying it first or just unsure if CrossFit is for you?

Your first class with CrossFit Bethany is complimentary! Join us on a Wednesday, during any one of our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes to check us out and see what CrossFit is all about! Our classes are programmed for all ability levels so you will be in charge of your own pace and level of difficulty. We also give you an opportunity to meet our coaches, discuss the process of becoming a CrossFit athlete, and have all of your initial questions answered about the safety and design of a CrossFit workout.
For more information, call us at 203-584-9455 or stop in the box and watch a workout in action during any of our scheduled class times.

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