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Yogalates Classes

Yogalates = Yoga + Pilates

Program Overview

CrossFit and Yogalates are the perfect pair! Like Yin & Yang, Crossfit and Yogalates are not opposing forces, but complementary practices that bring out the best in each other.

Research shows that the type of individuals most prone to injury are individuals whose muscles are too tight which causes problems such as loss of range of motion and pulling of the musculature on the skeletal structure causing improper alignment. It is beneficial for an individual to supplement CrossFit with a yogalates practice about twice a week in order to find that balance or that “sweet spot” of your Yin & Yang or your Flexibility & Strength.

Benefits Of Yogalates

Body awareness: Body awareness is crucial to many different exercises in CrossFit in order to reduce injuries from improper alignment.

Breath connection: Intentionally connecting movements to the flow of breath aids in stabilizing the core and calming/centering the mind.

Increased flexibility: Yoga postures and exercises focus on all of the muscles as well as the joints of the body, including many you probably don’t use regularly. Yoga will help stretch many of the muscles that are important but rarely focused on. Also, yoga exercises can strengthen problem joints such as the knees, hips and ankles.

Core strength: Pilates training leads to increased spinal flexibility and core strength, both of which can reduce chronic problems such as lower back pain and increase your overall physical strength. Increased lubrication of joints, ligaments and tendons: Because yoga also exercises ligaments and tendons, your joints will lubricate more effectively, reducing joint pain.

Detoxifying/massaging internal organs: Yoga stretches and stimulates the muscles and organs of the body in a uniform manner. This allows increased blood flow to all parts of your body, which helps to flush out the toxins that can accumulate in your body’s tissues. Increased detoxification can increase your energy levels, making you more likely to follow an exercise program designed for weight loss.

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