Nov 13-Dec 8

Teams of Two – 4 WODs – $20 per Team

How it Works:

  • Partner up with a buddy, any gender combination works, 2 people per team.
  • Come up with a team name.
  • Sign up on the whiteboard in the lounge and pay Coach Tim $20 per team in cash ($10 per person, cash only).
  • All teams must sign up by Sun, 11/12. (If you’re having trouble finding a partner, add your name to the whiteboard in the lounge and we’ll help match you up!)
  • The first two partner WODs will be announced by Coach Tim and Team Series Co-Producer, Matt Bourne on Mon, 11/13.
  • Teams then have by Sun, 11/26 to complete the first two WODs.
  • The second two partner WODs will then be announced by Coach Tim and Team Series Co-Producer, Matt Bourne on Mon, 11/27.
  • Teams then have by Thurs, 12/7 to complete the second two WODs.
  • The top 5 overall teams will then face off in a final WOD together on Fri, 12/8 at 6:30pm in an epic showdown followed by some Friday night lights in the CFB lounge (drinks and cheering sections are encouraged).

The winning team will get half the money collected while the other half of the money will go to the family that CFB has adopted for the holidays.

Some Details:

  • WODs can be completed as a team either during Open Gym (Saturdays 8-9am) or in the Oly Room when not in use. Please check the class schedule online for open times.
  • All WODs must be judged by either a Coach or an experienced CrossFitter…in other words, someone who can look for form and is not afraid to no-rep you.
  • A very important note: No-reps are a good thing – they help us progress as athletes and keep the rules of the game in check. So, thank your judge for your no-rep!
  • After each WOD is complete, the team’s finish time/reps completed along with the date completed must be put on the board in the lounge along with the name of the judge. You do not have to have the same judge for every WOD.
  • There is only one division — no need to declare yourself as a Scaled or an Rx team. Modifications will be allowed for some movements, but the goal should be to challenge yourself. Grab the blue band this time for pull-ups instead of the green band. Put an extra 10 pounds on the bar. Use this as your opportunity to surprise yourself because remember….at the end of the day, you’re competing with yourself. AND it’s for a great cause.
  • Also, if you’re not sure if you should pick a certain weight or try a certain movement, ask Coach Tim. He’ll help you choose wisely to make this the best competition for YOU.

Really, no kidding, all are welcome to participate! Any questions, contact Coach Tim or Team Series Co-Producer, Matt Bourne.

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