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Here’s the thing about goals and I’m going to be blunt here. You either meet them or you don’t. And that’s it. The rest is drama. We cannot go back in time. So, do yourself a favor and leave the past in the past. Remember – it’s YOU setting your goals. You get to say what you will accomplish this year. And it’s YOU that’s on the hook for accomplishing that goal. But here’s what most people neglect…if your goal isn’t connected to something you really care about, then it ends up being just another thing on your to-do list.

If you want to get a muscle up for the first time this year – Great! But why? Why is that important to you? Is it because ultimately you want to be the best and most fit version of yourself and a muscle up is a measurable result of that for you? Is your goal to run a marathon? Get to the gym 3+ times every week? Feel good in a bathing suit this summer? All great goals – but make sure you’re clear WHY these are worth working for. Like REALLY, deep down, what’s the bottom line for you? Is it that you want to be a healthy example for your kids? Is it that you want to tackle those physical insecurities you always feel when on the beach? Once you get that thing clear for yourself, create specific and measurable ways for you to know you’re at work on that thing that matters to you (i.e. your goals). And super importantly – include dates by when you will achieve these specific results.

Now, work back…what will it really take to make these happen? Beyond keeping your WHY in front of you (I recommend sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, calendar reminders that prompt you, telling other people so that they hold you to it), CREATE A PLAN. Is this timing realistic? Will you be able to do what’s required in the timeframe you’re giving yourself? If I want to be able to get a kipping pull-up by March 1st, doing what I’ve been doing and expecting a different result is not going to cut it. DUH. But, I could plan to go to Open Gym on Saturdays to work on it. I could research and ask my Coach what kind of side work I could be doing before class to strengthen the muscles required. I could schedule a personal training session with my Coach to get personalized coaching to get that movement.

The point is, I and I alone would own my goal. And I would do what it takes to get that goal accomplished by the time I said I would. Why? Because it matters to me that much. Because I said so. Because this year is the year I get the satisfaction of checking off those items I’m writing on the board.

Now let’s get to work.

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    Great article! And I made a blog photo, finally!!..lol..

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