Super Total 2018

photos by Jen Reese

So….we’re not going to say who we think is each character in this picture but we do want to thank our “village” for making this year’s Super Total so super!

Kyle Reese – thank you for taking over our social media – we looooved watching CFB’s Instagram story all weekend!.

Jen Reese – thank you for taking beautiful pics of all of our lifters ALL weekend!!

Kristi Marie – thank you for taking care of all aspects of the scoring and administration on both days – NOT a small task, especially when you’re carrying the much anticipated Moore twins who are probably trying to mimic every cool move they’re hearing! (And Lindsay Hess for creating the template for us to succeed for years to come!)

Margaret Battisti – thank you for taking such good care of every participant, making sure they were safe, supported and coached – we are really so grateful for you!!

Eric Brandom (aka big bear) – for bringing Oly to CFB and continuing to champion the program for us all. You, Coach, are the reason all this is possible. 👊🏻

Finally, Congratulations to every Lifter – we are proud and inspired by each of you! And wow Jess O’Brien and Arsen Beqiraj!! Way to go all!!

Super Total 2018 Photos

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